Nordic BIM Group

Cutting edge BIM and proptech solutions creating digital advantage for the Nordic AEC industry.

About the company

Nordic BIM Group (NBG) was established through parallel investments in Arktis AS (Norway), Nolliplan AB (Sweden) and M.A.D. Oy (Finland) in January 2020. NBG is a specialized Building Information Modelling (BIM) software distributor and services provider dedicated to creating digital advantage for the Nordic Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. By offering localized digital workflow solutions based on open communication formats, NBG enables participants in construction projects to embrace digitalization and work seamlessly together. NBG is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and serves the Nordic market from offices in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

NBG is Evolver Fund I’s 2nd investment.

  • Investment year: 2020
  • Investor: Evolver Fund I


Investment rationale

By combining the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian ArchiCAD distributors, a Nordic center of excellence within Open BIM software and services was created. The group is significantly stronger than the companies individually. Substantial synergies and opportunities for cross-fertilization strengthen performance and improve margins. The combined knowledge pool and market footprint make NBG a preferred partner for software providers, creating excellent opportunities to further enhance the customer offering and extend the addressable market, hence serving current and future customers even better.

”The construction industry is one of the digital laggards, but things are changing and large parts of the industry realize that if you are going to be competitive you have to invest in technology and innovation. We see digitalization as crucial not only for NBG’s customers, but for society as a whole. The world is becoming increasingly urbanized. Technological progress is key to finding lasting solutions to the sustainability challenges connected with commercial and residential energy use. The digital advantage provided by NBG’s BIM and proptech solutions increases efficiency in all stages of the built environment value chain, from design to management, hence contributing to the transition towards low-carbon, energy-efficient economies. Our vision is that NBG will be recognized as a digital forerunner and inspirator for the Nordic AEC industry.”