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The art of
building successful companies

Thanks to our long experience as business leaders and entrepreneurs, we have a solid understanding of what it means to build, run and elevate businesses to the next level. And we know that people matter.

It’s all about the people

It is our fundamental belief that people are the key to the success of any business. Outstanding performance comes from cooperation and teamwork between passionate people devoted to a common vision. We reach the company’s potential by pushing, supporting and trusting each other and using our collective capacity to overcome competition, confident in what we can achieve together, but always humble in front of the challenges that face the business throughout its growth journey.

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Investment strategy

Evolver is an active financial owner and growth partner for owner-led small to medium sized businesses. We partner with entrepreneurs and management teams to accelerate the growth and realize the inherent potential of their businesses by contributing with know-how, tools and capital. Every investment is built on a jointly drafted business plan.

Evolver pursues control equity investments in Swedish and Finnish SMEs with turnover of €10-30m, good profitability, strong market positions and significant growth potential.

Our goal is to actively develop and strengthen the businesses we invest in over a horizon of four to seven years. During this time we support organic and inorganic initiatives that drive profitable growth, strengthen the structural capital and improve the long-term competitiveness of the company.

The key to every investment is to establish a close “fit” between the needs and expectations of the business and the entrepreneurs on the one hand, and Evolver’s toolbox and expectations on the other.

We analyze potential investments by taking three main criteria into account: Firstly, the management team’s drive and ability to create value; secondly, the company’s market position and performance; and thirdly, the industry’s attractiveness. It is also of decisive importance to us that the business is conducted in accordance with sustainable business practices and in a healthy corporate culture.


Management team

Our mission as owners is to actively contribute with know-how, tools and capital that will help realize operational improvements, accelerate growth and create sustainable value growth.

Nevertheless, the foundation for successful value creation is always the entrepreneurs’ and management team’s capability, determination and drive to grow and improve the business together with us.


Market position and performance

The company should be one of the most profitable and prominent businesses in its industry or niche and have a healthy culture.

Attractiveness of the industry

We invest in industries or niches with steady to growing demand, limited cyclicality and fragmented structures offering good opportunities for consolidation. Sectors that benefit directly or indirectly from prevailing macro trends are particularly interesting.

We appreciate the hard work and determination it takes to build successful businesses. We are inspired by entrepreneurs with strong vision, passion and drive, entrepreneurs that engage their hearts and minds in the future of their businesses and tenaciously strive to take their companies to the next level. But sometimes the time or some of the tools required to realize the next step change are missing.
Evolver is an ideal partner for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses but need additional know-how, experience and tools to accelerate growth. Or for business owners who contemplate a controlled succession plan to convert some of the value, while securing the best possible conditions for the business to continue its positive development.
Our commitment as growth partner is about eliminating impediments to growth and being a positive force for growth and operational improvements; a devoted owner that helps companies grow, create new jobs and strengthen their competitiveness.
In conjunction with our entry, we together draft an ambitious business plan and commit to work together to achieve the targets agreed upon. In so doing, we commit to take the company to the next level in terms of size, structure and value.
Together with us you can pursue the growth plans that you do not findtime for in the day-to-day work. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a partner to help you elevate your business further.

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