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We support Swedish and Finnish owner-led businesses in realizing their inherent potential. As devoted growth partners we contribute with know-how, tools and capital that accelerate growth and value creation.
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We believe in teamwork and creating value in projects and portfolio companies through close cooperation and active transfer of knowledge.

Evolver Fund I

As of 2019 all investments are executed by Evolver Fund I, a limited partnership investment fund managed by Evolver Equity Ltd. The Fund held its final closing on 1 October 2020 with €54 million in total commitments.

Summer Analyst

Are you curious about working within Private Equity? Take the opportunity to work as a Summer Analyst and apply to our Private Equity Internship at Evolver.

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Evolver exits Inprocon to Vinci Energies

Evolver Fund I has on 28 August 2023 sold all its interests in Inprocon AB, which since 2019 has grown to become one of Sweden’s leading fire protection solutions providers with Evolver Fund I as majority owner. The new owner is VINCI Energies, part of the VINCIGroup. Inprocon will be integrated into the Fire Protection Solutions Group, part of the Building Solutions Network of VINCI Energies.

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Private Equity Internship

We are now looking for a Private Equity analyst to join our team of 8 investment professionals. The role offers an exciting opportunity to work at a prospering private equity firm with highly motivated and knowledgeable colleagues.

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